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  • Table LCD Lift with 18.5 inch Screen BLL-18.5
  • Table LCD Lift with 18.5 inch Screen BLL-18.5
  • Table LCD Lift with 18.5 inch Screen BLL-18.5
  • Table LCD Lift with 18.5 inch Screen BLL-18.5
Name:Table LCD Lift with 18.5 inch Screen BLL-18.5
Model No::BLL-18.5
Type:Video Conference System
Item:Ultra-thin LCD lift with 18.5 inch screen
Color:Aluminum black/silver
Material:Aluminum alloy brushed
Screen Size:18.5 inch LCD screen(16:9)
Panel Thickness:5MM
Panel Size:558*88*5 mm
Box Size:538*75*605 mm
Cutout Size:541*78 mm
Resolution ration:1920*1080
Interface:HDMI+USB+RS232 I/O

Product Description

Table LCD Lift with 18.5 inch Screen BLL-18.5

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Ultra-thin Monitor Lift is designed as advance hiding equipment for audio video system.

15.6, 17.3, 18.5, 21.5 inch Full HD LCD Screen for selection to meet the requirment of different monitor size.

Controlled conveniently by touch swith or remote control, the screen could be rising up form the conference 

tables automatically to present the workable screen by the lift driving.

On the other way, the screen also could be hidden under the tables automatically by the lift driving 

once we finish using. With double super-quite synchrous motor, rasing up and down by tank chain 

and mechanical gear, the lift is much smooth and quiet when working.

It is widly use in conference system,  video conference system, tv conference system, financial analyzing system,

advanced office system,lecture and training room with conference table& computer desk,etc.

Selling Point:

  1. Full aluminum alloy finish, orrosion resistant, wear-resistant,smooth surface and not easy to scratch.

  2. Ultra-thin Design, only 8.8cm width of whole product , with 5mm thickness monitor

  3. Motorized by tank chain and mechanical gear, good quality and smooth and quiet when working

  4. Full HD LED Screen, high quality and brings a good viewing

  5. Hidden design to save more space and makes a modern office environment

  6. Ultra --thin monitor and lift boday, elegant design and save space

  7. 0-45 degree adjustable angle to make prefect viewing angle for users

  8. Virtually Silent working with excellent working life.

  9. works smoothly and quietly. Low noise which less than 30db

  10. with protecting function of LCD monitors by cutting the electricity off automatically

  11. Control system: Touch Switch on LCD motorizedLift panel, RF remote control, RS232 AND rs 485 central control..

  12. Power plug and voltage could be changed according to user's requirment

Detail Parameter:

Item NameRetractable Touch Monitor Lift
StyleUltra-thin LCD lift with 18.5inch Touch screen
Model NoBLL-18.5
MaterialFull aluminum alloy drawing finished
ColorAluminum black/silver 
Panel Dimension558*88MM
Panel Thickness5mm
Box Size538*75*605mm
Cutout Size541*78mm   
Monitor18.5 inch LED screen (16:9)  
Screen Overturn Angle0~45 degree
Data InterfaceHDMI+USB+RS232 I/O
Control Systemtouch switch, wireless remote , central control RS232
ApplicationHigh-class office conference meeting room
Warranty1 year

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