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17.3" Retractable Motorized Lifting Mechanism For Conference System

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China Telecom Project , 17.3" Retractable Motorized Lifting Mechanism For Conference System


Project Name: China Telecom Jianmen Branch Meeting Room

Project Location: Jianmen, China

Project Completion Time: October , 2015

Project Description: 

There are 9 units Ultra-thin LCD monitor lift integrated with 17.3 FHD screen in this meeting room. User could use the remote control to make all 9 units monitor moving up to the meeting tabletop. Then all the monitor will present the meeting information as required. Like PPT, Video and other information. The monitor is ultra-thin design, very smart on meeting table. Each people during meeting could put their information to monitor by USB interface and present on whole meeting. After meeting, user could make all 9 units monitor lifting down and hidden side the meeting table. Keep the meeting table clean and neat.

Project Product: Ultra-thin LCD Motorized Lift with 17.3" FHD Screen

Product Name: BLL-N17.3

Product Quality: 9 units  

Product Material: Brushed aluminum alloy

Product Color: Silver

Project Photos:



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