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Motor Drive Flip Up Computer Lift Integrated with 17" Monitor

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Liberation Army Training Room Project, Motor Drive Flip Up Computer Lift Integrated with 17" Monitor


Project Name: Sichuan Province Liberation Army Training Room

Project Location: Sichuan, China

Project Completion Time: May , 2014

Project Description: This is Liberation Army training room project, totally 52 units flip up type computer LCD monitor lift integrated with 17inch FHD screen, keyboard and mouse. All the flip up monitor connect together with supercomputer. All the flip up computer monitor lift could flip up automatically once start training. Each user could operate the monitor, keyboard and mouse independently. Though our central control software, each user could put their PPD or information into flip up monitor, and present into the biggest central screen. Of course, all delegate operation must approved by chairman. The chairman could operate whole 52 units flip up monitor singly or together.

Project Product: Motor Drive Flip Up LCD Computer Lift Integrated with 17" Screen, Keyboard and mouse  

Product Name: BF1-17C

Product Quality: 52 units

Product Material: Carbon steel

Product Color: black matte

Project Photos:

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