18-04-20 ZINC Pop Up Desktop Socket BP419, BP416 for Iran Project

LCD monitor lift, desktop socket, projector mount supplier


Visit By Customer From Iran


Today, Our company was visited by the Iran customer. They were interested in the product which is the best selling product of our

company. First of all, the sales reprensentative took them to our showroom. Then showed them those hot selling products.

Including the desktop socket and flip up manual tabletop socket and Motor drive desktop socket. Especially, those Brand New products

which are enjoy excellent reputation. After the presentation, the customer were quite statisfied with all the product.

Then they placed the order instantly. Kindly, they bring some famous snack of Iran like saffron crocus for us.

We discussed pleasurably and came into cooperation finally.


We are sure it will be a very pleasure experience for both of us.



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