18-05-03 Secrets of the high sales volume of BNT LCD Monitor Lift Pt2.

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BNT LCD Monitor Lift enjoy a good reputation in this field. The reason why product of BNT is popular among customer is the qulity and service is of a high level.

We offer 1 year warranty for each product. And kindly renmind customer the correct measures to take care of the mechanism.

Then we would like to sheare some


Common failure cause and the analysis of maintenance method of LCD Monitor lift.


Liquid crystal display elevator has extremely wide application, in different application environment, liquid crystal screen elevator has different function.


There are several common reasons for the damage of the LCD elevator:


1. The power supply voltage is unstable, which is the main reason for the damage of the elevator.


2. Heavy load is the main reason for the failure of the elevator motor.


3. Lengthy working hours, high heat dissipation caused the circuit board temperature of the elevator.


The detection method of the LCD is as follows:


1. It is observed from the appearance that the power diode of the lift is blackened and deformed. In the case of insurance failure, the damaged elevator is usually visible from the outside.


2. Test whether the motor is up and down, check whether the circuit has electricity, and if there is electricity, see whether the positioning switch can be flipped. If the switch cannot be flipped, it is indicated that the positioning switch is broken.


A brief discussion on the wiring requirements of the LCD elevator.


LCD screen elevator is the best combination of LCD screen, with it, the LCD screen can be hidden in the middle of the table, the desktop can be more tidy. LCD elevator has been widely used in conference rooms, offices and other places. Now, what are the requirements for the wiring of the LCD elevator?


1. Make sure that each LCD elevator has at least one VGA signal line and one three-core power plug. The power cord can be connected in series with multiple function pins as the power source of the LCD, while the VGA signal line is the unique display of the LCD screen.


2, central control is one of the three core need cloth line, display levelers to so machine on its own RS485 interface together, again through the coding machine can control each controller, achieve the function of elevator lift.


3. Each LCD will be equipped with manual control and manual control buttons. A remote control can lift and lift multiple LCD screens.


4. If there is a need to connect the motor with the LCD screen, it is necessary to increase the mesa socket, and the connection between the socket signal line and the distributor can realize the multi-step function.

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