18-05-05 Secrets of the high sales volume of BNT LCD Monitor Lift Pt3.

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High-Ranking BNT LCD Monitor Lift, you should pick one.

The BNT Ultra thin LCD Monitor Lift is widely used in public places such as schools, families, shopping malls, troops, airports and metro areas and government offices. It keeps a long-term partnership with the government.BNT Company has it's own way to analysis the advantages and disadvantages of ultra thin LCD Monitor Lift.


How to analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of ultra thin LCD Monitor Lift?


Ultra thin liquid crystal display automatic lift, is for the computer screen to hide in the desk when is not used.

1. When using the display screen, the display elevator will be hidden in the internal elevator of the conference table to lift the display screen from the meeting to the surface of the table;

2. When the display screen is not used, the lift automatically decreases, the display screen is hidden inside the conference table, and the products are anti-theft and dustproof; Keep the surface of the table flat and beautiful.


Development history of LCD Monitor Lift:


First generation: the chain transmission mechanism, its disadvantage is that lift is not stable, easy to shake oil pollution, noise big, activity with another motor control door, the elevator using three motor to complete all the action, so the structure is complex, the manufacturing cost is high, high fault rate and difficult maintenance. The failure rate is usually three times that of an electric motor, and the market is now obsolete.


The second generation; Wire rope drive mechanism, its advantage is cheap, its shortcoming is easy to slide and wire rope levelers after using for a long time, drop drop occurs, work two years later the need to change most of the parts; Most manufacturers do not use such products at present.


The third generation; Synchronous belt transmission mechanism, the downside is the belt heat bilges cold shrink, elevator use for a long time, the belt is easy to wear, easy to produce clearance, crawl drop occurs, advantage is quiet, the service life of a year or so.


The fourth generation; Single rack and the polished rod drive mechanism, the downside is smeary, display levelers lubricating oil with dry, noise big, use for a long time, the axle housing is easy to wear, easy to produce clearance, drop the shaking would appear, the manufacturing cost is high, the body weight, desktop easy deformation.


Fifth generation: steel ball track drive structure, display levelers the entire system USES a motor to complete all the system function, unreasonable structure, low cost, quality and reliable, and oil, high friction, low weight. Easy to fail. The structure is too simple, cutting corners, at present in China basically nobody USES this structure of products.


Sixth generation: double gear rack transmission structure, the transmission of the structure of the LCD screen levelers must have professional and technical personnel, manufacturers have a certain production capacity, to mold production, accessories for high precision and assembly workers demand is high, the motor adopts the plug type, simple and convenient maintenance, the door is made of mechanical tension spring principle, reasonable structure, low cost, reliable quality, at present in domestic only BOENTE manufacturers insist on using this drive structure, so the warranty time is long, the quality guaranteed.


Seventh generation: polished rod of double steel ball linear bearing with double guide rail, a single rack drive structure, adopts low speed micromotor do drive, the British designer SYKES says gear shaping machine in the production of precision rack, smooth lift quickly, iron gear and rack, motor adopted free disassembling type, excellent durability and maintenance more easy and convenient, the door is made of mechanical tension spring principle, reasonable structure, low cost, reliable quality, the system structure should be advanced, open architecture, at present in domestic this elevator for the latest ultra-thin screen levelers.




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