18-05-08 Brand New! Remote Control 53Inch Motorized Flip Down Ceiling TV Lift Mechanism

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Hot selling Remote Control 53Inch Motorized Flip Down Ceiling TV Lift Mechanism

Motorized flip down ceiling TV lift adopt motor with asynchronous resistance-brake. Motorized TV lift possesses the character including attractive appearance; smooth moving, quite, locating with precision, comprehensive, functions and installation convenience, simple operation and high capacity. Motorized TV lift is rich in controlling seems that can connect the button directly to control the TV lift machines by central control and single control.


1. Motorized TV lift adopt Synchronous machine with electro-magnetic brake

2. V Lift is Lifting flip down drom ceiling automatically. 

3. TV Ceiling Lift is available for 30 to 53 inch plasma TV. 

4. The hidden TV would be flip down from ceiling TV lift mechanism if used TV and flip up into ceiling if not need to used TV. 

5. Working with TV cabinet/TV bed/ TV ceiling for TV furniture system. 

6. Widely used in video conference system in intelligent home system, classrom office conference system, hospital hall and other TV presentation system. 


Motorized TV lift is widely used for TV audio & video conference system, large-conferencing system and training room. TV bed or TV cabinet is also available.


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