18-05-10 Loading 54 ctn to Iran

LCD monitor lift, desktop socket, projector mount supplier

We were loading 54 ctn to Iran, including the desktop socket BB602, BB302, BD630-2 , BP416B and BD300-4R. Our product is popular in Iran, we've got several times ship to Iran. It' hot s selling product in the local market.

Desktop socket series is being the hot sale product now, since it has a ready market in many areas. There are six series we are supply now, including Rotating Manual Rotating Desktop Socket,  Motorized Rotating Desktop Socket, (Zinc/ Aluminum alloy) Brush Cover Socket Box, Flip UP Desktop Socket, Pop Up Socket For Worktop and Econmic Desktop Soket.

Product quality approved by SGS. Keep bulk in stock. Sample available. Customized made is acceptable( MOQ/ Business Logo).

If you're interested in it, please feel free to contact us!

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