18-05-23 Brand New! Brushed aluminum alloy Motorized Flip Up Monitor with gold color

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18-05-23 Brand New! Brushed aluminum alloy Motorized Flip Up Monitor with gold color
Project Name: Saudi Arabia, Large Conference Room Project
Location:  Saudi Arabia
Project completion Time:May,2018
Project Product:  Brushed aluminum alloy Motorized Flip Up Monitor with gold color
Product Quantity: 40 PCS
Product Material: Aluminum brushed panel 
Product Color: Black matt/ Silver/Gold  
With the advanced technique and exquisite workmanship,Motorized Flip Up Monitor with gold color is a brand new product of our company. Boente factory devoted to develop the quality and workmanship of it and make a big progress. It has had a ready market in many area, such as Europe, the middle East, East Asia...
1. Different angles setting of LCD motorized flip up device is acceptable according to users’ requirement.
2. Adopting shielding technology for display circuit, no magnetic interference and nonradioactive to human with environmental protection and great security during using our electric Screen Flip Up
3. Rational design for inner structure of Motorized LCD Flip Up Device ; elaborate appearance with ultrathin design which best reflects dignity, coordinating with home furniture with strong decorative art.
4. All circuits of Desktop Screen Rotating Lift adopt standard double insulation and safety ground connection earth leakage protection, without faradism and leakage with great security.
5. Limit switch double protection, through professional test, excellent service life.
6. Color of Tabletop LCD Flip Up: matte glad/ matte silver/glittery gold
7. Surface Material of Motorized Screen Flip up device : aluminum drawing finish /carbon steel
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