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18-10-10 sent 800 sets of Aluminum brushed frame & monitor shell LCD monitor Lift to India

LCD monitor lift, desktop socket, projector mount supplier


 we have sent  800 sets of Aluminum brushed frame & monitor shell LCD monitor Lift, LCD monitor Lifter, LCD monitor Elevator, LCD monitor Mechanism, LCD monitor Device  to India today.

1.Model: the BLL - 17.3, 800 sets, Aluminum brushed frame & monitor shell.

Style: Motorized lift with FHD screen + microphone

Material: Aluminum brushed frame & monitor shell

Panel Size: 558*88*5mm

Box Size:538*75*605mm

Cutout Size: 541*78mm

Monitor:17.3inch Samsung screen(16:9)                                                                            

 Resolution ratio: 1080*1920

Microphone:conference system mike                                                                                                                          

Monitor Overturn Angle: 25 degree

Color: aluminum black/silver


screen motorized lift, microphone fixed on panel

Ship by sea transportation to India through Guangzhou seaport.

Our products are of good quality and cheap price.Product quality is certified by SGS.Keep a large inventory.Sample available.Overseas customers like it.

Boente can provide many different types of configurations that we can customize (MOQ/ Business Logo) according to customer needs.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.


Pre:18-10-16 sent 300 units manually flipped brush panels to Southeast Asia .Next:18-10-8 sent 3.500 units desktop sockets to Europe