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12-10-20:Short Throw Projector Mount is on sell !

Bo Ente Industrial Co., Limited

Short Throw Projector Wall Mount

Nowadays, audio visual equipments marketing is not settle for only projector ceiling mount or projector lift, they're also have a big demand of projector wall mount for short throw LCD projectors.

In such development tendency, Bo Ente Industrial Co.,Limited worked out the new products to fulfil user's demand for short throw projector wall mount.

FromBo Ente Industrial Co.,Limited production line, there are 3 series short throw  projector wall mount on selling.

Aluminum Projector short throw wall bracket is made of high quality aluminum alloy material, pretty light weight in totally, prefect elliptical aluminum pole could let VGA cable get through easily. Extension length of pole range from 600mm, 800mm, 1200mm, 1500mm. Fashion Icom for high grade office room, meeting room, traininy room and other audio visual system equipemts.

Smart Steel projector short throw wall mount is made of high rold rolled steel, strong loading capacity for univeral short throw LCD projectors, functional claws with extension polge let operation more convinent. Prefect choice for goverment project,like meeting room, big audio system, conference system.

Economic projector short throw wall bracket is made of cold rolled steel, round extension pole with adjustable claw. prefect matached for universal short throw LCD projectors. Economic design model is popular and under big demand by marketing.

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