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13-2-8 Fashional Desk with LCD flip up device

Bo Ente Industrial Co., Limited

Fashional Office Desk with 90 degree LCD Electric Turner

Bo Ente Industrial Co.,Limited is glad to share a good designed of office desk with you today.

Designed by Dubai famouse furniture company, the office desk with LCD electric turner is a prefect high-tech artwork in furniture marketing and audio visual equipments field after  assembled with our touch screen LCD electric turner.

This LCD Flip Up Device is designed according to diverse requirements of users, LCD flip up device can be placed on various kinds of meeting room and company location, LCD motorized flip open and close device also can be embedded in bookcase, filing cabinet also assorts with home theatre in use.
Easy operation,  safe and reliable, elegant appearance, can be applied to various standard and branks monitor.

Press the "up" button of the LCD monitor flip up device (or use remote control), the monitor will be turned to a position at an angle of 105 degree from the desktop automatically.
The monitor will be hidden inside the desk if LCD flip open mechanism is not used.

This fashional office desk is popular welcome by furniture marketing. User could turn the LCD screen accordingly by remote control from the desktop. And turn it down into the desktop if finished using. Working smoothly, quiet and excellent.

Welcome to contact us if interested. 

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