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13-8-19:Loading Capacity of Short Throw Projector Wall Mount

Bo Ente Industrial Co., Limited

Biger Loading Capacity ofShort Throw Projector Wall Bracket

We're glad to share the good news with you that we had did some changes on the manufacturing technique of short throw projector wal bracket to achieve the loading capacity of short throw projector wall mount to be biggest, 40 KG.

The short throw projector wall is high acceptable by the AV equipments marketing and hot and popula selling since Bo Ente Industrial Co.,Limited pushed out to the market last year.

Originally, the loading capacity of short throw projector wall bracket is only 25kg. And its loading capacity limited its application, only suitable for light LCD projectors, some big LCD projectors and project projectors are not suitable enough.

Now we're prodly to inform all AV equipments users that the loading capacity of projector short throw wall mount could reached as possible as 40kg by strengthen the thickness of short throw aluminum extension pole and some changes on the product construction technique.

So our Aluminum Projector Short Throw Wall Bracket is suitable for all universal LCD projectors on big project AV equipment systems, like meeting room, trainning room, audio system room, school and office.

Feel free to contact us if interested.

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