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14-6-12: New Product of Desktop Socket is on Selling !

Bo Ente Industrial Co.,Limited,AV Equipments


New Product of  Desktop Socket is on Selling Now!

Through Boente research and development department's effort,  we had work out another economic new product of desktop socket !

The BDP Series desktop socket was developed based on Boente BD series tabletop socket model, Instead of connected with wires,

the new product of desktop power socket had changed as same as BP series model which was input modules on the botton panel, users not need to connect wires and just plug each input socket as need.  

Simple operate for each users. The most important advanatage is the cost is much cheap than BP series office power data outlet which is made of zinc alloy, it's economic desktop socket.

We believe the BDP series tabletop socket will bring the new hot selling to gotal market.

This is our new Product --- BDP Series desktop socket

Old Style Tabletop Socket----- BD sereis desktop power socket with connected wires

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