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15-5-21: New Design of manual desktop socket rotary

Bo Ente Industrial Co.,Limited,AV Equipments


New Design of Manual Desktop Socket Rotary

Bo Ente Industrial Co.,limited work out another new design of manual desktop socket in 21th, May,2014.

Required by customer, the corner of desktop socket would be sqaure, which is more matched hole of conference table. We check and find out it's workable.

So we work out the square corner desktop socket rotary. Kindly check the below pictures of manual desktop socket.

This MK series desktop socket was rotatating whole power socket with data outlet 360 degrees by hand. The media socket would be hidden underside if unused and could be rotatable to be topside if need to use the socket. 

There are electric type and manual type for the rotating desktop socket.  Under the economic consideration, customer would like to try manual rotary desktop socket firstly. Electric rotary desktop socket is also available now.

This rotating desktop socket would be installed into conference table, meeting table, office desk and school furniture. 

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