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15-5-22: Motorized LCD Monitor Lift with 45 degree

Bo Ente Industrial Co.,Limited,AV Equipments


Motorized LCD Monitor Lift with 45 degree screen

Keyword: LCD monitor lift, screen lift, motorized TV lift, conference system, office equipment

Bo Ente Industrial Co.,Limited work out another new product of LCD monitor lift which could tilt LCD/LED monitor screen for 45 degree to make view more prefect for user.

The LED/LCD monitor would raising up from the LCD monitor lift automatically by remote control/ touch press switch, when the monitor screen reach the top side of table, it could titl 45 degree motorized to present the screen to user. That make user more eay to read information during using screen.

The LED/LCD monitor would come back from 45 degree on the tabletop, and raising down into the LCD monitor lift from desktop if finished using. The screen will cut the electric to be power off if reach the bottom.

This LCD monitor lift is widely used in conference system with office equipment,  Installed into the conference table, meeting table with screen or desktop socket for conference system, school, training room and high grade office.

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