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15-5-23:Kitchen Pop Up Socket with USB charger

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Kitchen Pop Up Socket with USB charger

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Nowadasy, Intelligent technology come the necessities of our lige, especially smartphone, like inphone, Samsung phone, and the notebook, like ipad. All of them become the most important tools in our life.

We would like to use iphone to check feeback, twitter, have video with friend, talking business with customer... Also using the ipad or smartphone to watching the movie, listening the music...

Of course, we always face the power problem, so the USB charger for iphone is very importanct for us !  We prefect to have the USB charger for everywhere, like office, kitchen, livingroom, bedroom...

Today, we would introduce our new product---Pop Up Socket for Kitchen Worktop or Office.  It's hidden socket design for office and ktichen !  Product make all socket hidden under the kitchen worktop or office desk or conference table if no need for power socket or USB charger.  User could pop up the product and pulling up all the socket from worktop or tabletop if want to use charge power for iphone or using electricity.

With using pop up socket with Power and USB charger, housewife could enjoy cooking with music from phone or ipad,  Or enjoy cooking & chating with friend, or making cooker & enjoying watching TV show.... Of course, user no need to worry about the smartphone or ipad power off.  Our pop up socket with USB charger could offer using Power charge & using smartphone and ipad in the same time.

The hidden socket design of pop up socket would be pulling down into the kitchen worktop or office desktop or conference table if finishing using power or USB charger. It's same level with worktop if hidden into worktop. Make your kitchen, office desk and conference table more smart and clean.

Don't worry ! Our pop up socket is waterproof ! Just clear the liquid dry from the pop up socket is ok. won't affect the socket and USB charger working.

Interesting !  Email us to know more detai if interested !


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