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15-6-1: New LCD Lift for All In One PC

Bo Ente Industrial Co.,Limited,AV Equipments


New LCD Monitor Lift for All In One PC 

Bo Ente Industrial Co.,Limited (Guangzhou Boente Trade Co.,Ltd) glad to inform all our customers that we had work out  a new LCD monitor lift in June !

Nowadays, All In one PC Monitor is popular and widely used in office equipment, like Lenovo All In One PC, HP all in one PC, Apple all in one PC... In Conference system, All In One PC monitor also used in conference table with LCD monitor lift. 

But most LCD monitor lift in chinese market isn't workable for All In One PC owning to appearance, connecting way of All In One PC monitor.  Under requirements from most uers of conference table with All In one PC monitor, we design a new LCD lift for All In One PC.

New LCD monitor Lift BLL-23 model was designed speically for All In One PC !  

Firstly, we extend the width of whole LCD monitor lift from 175mm to 190mm to meet the width of All in one PC. The width of All in one PC in market is almost bigger than normal slim LCD/LED monitor. So this 190mm width could satify with all brands of All In One PC. 

Secondly, we changed the LCD bracket to match the connecting way of HDMI, power, VGA, audio & video for All In One PC monitor. All of All In One PC monitor in office equipment market is connecting HDMI, power, VGA, audio&video with back side entry instead of down side entry. So that's need to make a new LCD bracket to let connecting easy.

Lastly, our LCD monitor lift for all in one  PC monitor is 625mm panel which is workable for 15~23 inch All in One PC monitor.

Workable All In One PC monitor introduce : HP All In One PC, Lenovo All In One PC, ProOne 400 G1...



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