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15-6-2: New LCD Monitor Lift with 45 degree Titling

Bo Ente Industrial Co.,Limited,AV Equipments


New LCD Monitor Lift with Screen 45 degree Titling 

Bo Ente Industrial Co.,Limited (Guangzhou Boente Trade Co.,Ltd) was glad to inform all of our customer from Audio Video Equipment, Video Conference System, Office Equipment, Office Desk furniture, Conference table furniture that we had work out another new LCD monitor lift ! BLL45-19 & BLL45-22 LCD monitor lift with 45 degree titling screen.

Based on our normal LCD monitor motorized lifting system BLL-17, BLL-19 and BLL-22 model, the biggest different with normal desktop pop up LCD lift is the viewing angle for users !  The monitor viewing angle of normal computer  LCD monitor lift, our new LCD lifting mechanism was changed to be 45~60 degree for viewing angle. 

Our engineer add more motor to control the LCD bracket on the desktop to title 45~60 degree. When the monitor lifting up from the desktop, the monitor will title to 45 or 60 degree for good viewing automatically.  When finished meeting and closed the LCD monitor lift, the monitor will come back automatically and be straight and lifting down to table as required.

Now our production department had work out 19 inch and 22 inch for 45 degree monitor titling.  BLL45-19 & BLL45-22.

Welcome to contact with us for more detail information if any interested on our LCD Monitor Lift


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