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15-6-8: New LCD Flip Up Device BF4-19A

Bo Ente Industrial Co.,Limited,AV Equipments


New LCD Flip Up Device BF4-19A

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LCD flip up device is designed to protect and conceal LCD monitors, and make more space available on the desk. It is designed according to diverse requirements of users, it can be placed on various kinds of meeting room, conference room and company location. It can also be embedded in bookcase, filing cabinet also assorts with home theatre in use, easy to operate, rigging with automatic hand-clamping proof function, safe and reliable, elegant appearance, can be applied to various standard and brands LCD.

Our BF1, BF2, BF3 series LCD flip up device was widely used on many projects already, epeically in Dubai market, Russian Market, Italy market and Saudia Arabic market with meeting table or office desk.  Actually, some of users from India, Eygpt and Iran is also required for such aluminum flip up device while the value of our flip up device is too high to accept by final buyers. Always, cancel and changed to LCD monitor lift by project finally.

So we decide to work out aother new LCD flip up device which is economic cost and cheap value to all of users from conference system in different countries. Of course, the quality of new LCD flip up device is also excellent as our BF1, BF2 and BF3 series flip up device. 

For the material, we still made of excellet aluminum alloy brushed panel for the panel and all casing of new LCD flip up mechanism.  The adjustable angle was changed to 120 degree which is offering a big and prefect viewing for user.  Integrated with Dell 19 inch wide screen, keyboard and mouse. With touch switch and remote control to control the LCD flip up device open, closed and stop automatically. 

Welcome to contact with us to get more detail information about our LCD flip up device. 


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