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15-10-22: Computer Monitor Flip Up Security Case

Bo Ente Industrial Co.,Limited,AV Equipments


Computer Monitor Flip Up Security Case

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Boente Supply manual flip up monitor security case with USB charger for computer desk in school or meeting room.
Under the requirement of school security, all of our manual LCD flip up device included with lockable key. Studen or user could lock the monitor under the table and hidden it if finished using. And use the key to open the case and monitor, keyboard and mouse will be flip up automatically by spring pressure.
As we know that phone become the part of our life which is also used by students in school. So we add the USB charging function in our monitor flip up security box. So user could charge phone power during using monitor, keyboard and mouse.
For the manual monitor flip up device, there are 17inch, 19inch, 22inch monitor model for selection. Made of excellent cold rolled steel material, long-working life spring, USB charger, flip up monitor, keyboard and mouse from undertable to be 180 degree.
Feel free to contact with us if would like to know more detail information about monitor flip up security case.

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