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15-11-28:Tubular Motorized Projector Ceiling Mount

Bo Ente Industrial Co.,Limited,AV Equipments

Scissor Type Tubular Motorized Projector Ceiling Mount with remote control

Projector Mount and projection screen is workable together with projector in audio video office equipment in conference system, widely used as presentation equipment  in office,school,training room, meeting room.
Scissor type projector lift is high grade of projector mount, which is motorized projector ceiling mount with remote control. Compared with normal projector mount which is installed into the ceiling, projector ceiling lift is setting on the true ceiling and hidden inside the false ceiling. It's hiding system  for office equipment. Make your ceiling as normal as others.
When we need to use projector to presention information, just use the remote control to make the projector with projector ceiling mount lifting down from the false ceiling. The projector motorized lift  could be stop at any position which could give projector a good place to present things. The max adjustable length of projector lift is 100cm, 150cm,200cm, 250cm... Which is workable for whatever how high ceiling.
When we finished meeting and would like to close projector, just use the remote control to make the projector with projector mount moving up into the false ceiling. The projector lift would be stop automatically if reach the false ceiling.  
Now Boente had work out the projector lift with tubular motor which is much high quality and powerful working instead of sychronous motor. Offer excellent working life than normal sychronous motor projector lift. 
The max support weight for projector is 15kg,25kg, 40kg and bigger heavy weight which is available for all brands projector. The motorized projector ceiling mount is workable with RF remote control, wired switch and RS232 central control.
Contact with us if any interested in our projector lift.


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