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15-12-28: LCD Monitor Lift with remote control

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Display LCD Monitor Desk Lift with Remote control 

When holding an ordinary meeting, the monitors are just inside the table and keep the table top flat and neat.

When holding a multi-media meeting, the monitors can lift up separately, grouply or all to display the multimedia information including meeting content, information hint, picture information and so on. It’s widely used for Video, TV, financial analyzing systems etc.

Main Functions of LCD Monitor Lift

•    Less than 20 seconds for single way rising up or down;

•    Function of automatically opening & closing the door;

•    Function of automatic tilting angle of the monitor;

•    Function of automatic power connection & disconnection for the LCD monitors;

•    Implementation of the unity of distant control by connecting RS-232 communication cable and controlling keyboard or central control system.

Main Advantages of LCD Monitor Lift

•        Ease of installation and operation;

•        Smooth and quiet operation;

•        Nice and decent look of the control panel on the table surface.

The LCD Monitor Lift includes three motors:

•        The first motor controls opening and closing the door;

•        The second motor controls lifting the monitor up & down;

•       The third motor controls angle adjustment of the monitor.

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