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16-1-15:Projector Ceiling Mount with Cable Pass Through

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New Arrived :  Projector Ceiling Mount with Cable Pass Through !

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Boente factory work out another cheap projector ceiling mount with cable pass throgh in 2016.  Some countries, like India, Nigeria...Customer ask if          there a cheap projector ceiling mount could make VGA cable get through. Yes, we do have such projector mount, like our BM4365A, BM63100A, BM100180A, it made of aluminum alloy, cables could also pass through. But the value is higher than steel material as it's aluminum alloy. And our steel material is too smaller to make cables get through.

So we work out another projector ceiling mount which made of steel material, could let cables get through. As it's steel material product, so the value is much cheaper than aluminum projector ceiling bracket. 

The extension pole is bigger than normal steel extension pole, so that all cables could easy to pass through. 



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