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Ultra-thin LCD Motorized Lift with 17.3" Screen For Conference Room

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Kuwait KNPC Project, Ultra-thin LCD Motorized Lift with 17.3" FHD Screen For Conference Room


Project Name: A Subsidiary of Kuwait Potroleum Corporation (KNPC) Head Office

Project Location: Kuwait 

Project Completion Time: October, 2016

Project Description:  Kuwait KNPC project, using wireless automatic control system for whole meeting room. Via wireless control system, user could use control the light on or off, strong or light. Control the monitor automatic lifting up or down, tilting 45 degree or moving monitor back. Just press the ipad or iphone button, could make the projector motorized lift moving down from the ceiling, and also make electrical projector screen moving down.  Also monitor, projector, projector screen are hidden inside the table or ceiling. Only come out once user want to use during meeting.

For more detail information, Welcome to check the video on our company facebook. 

Project Product: Ultra-thin LCD Motorized Lift with 17.3" FHD Screen  BLL-N17.3

Product Quality:  21 units

Product Material: Brushed aluminum alloy  

Product Color: black matte

Project Photos: 

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