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Flip Up Type Motorized LCD Monitor Lift with 19" Screen

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Public Security Department Project, Flip Up Type Motorized LCD Monitor Lift with 19" Screen


Project Name: Guangxi Province Public Scurity Department Meeting Room 

Project Location: Guangxi, China

Project Completion Time: May , 2013

Project Product: Flip Up Type Motorized LCD Monitor Lift with 19" Screen, Keyboard and Mouse

Product Name: BF1-19A

Product Quality: 28 units

Product Material: Aluminum alloy brushed finishes

Product Color: black matte

Project Description:

The Guangxi province Public Security Deparment meeting room is a high-tech audio video conference system. The meeting room set up 26 units delegate with 2 units chairman. On the meeting table, there are 28 units 19 inch flip up LCD monitor lift and 28 units discussion microphone and table name card. Through the RS232 central controller, the chairman could use the remote control to make all LCD monitor lift automatically flip up and open monitor at the same. Meanwhile, disucssion microphone is on for talking. Throught the LCD monitor lift, each delegate would read the meeting information from monitor.

Project Photos: 

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