Projector Bracket BM63100A
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Product Description:

Projector Mount/Projector bracket/Projector hanger/Projector stand ( BM63100A)

Projector mount is highly suitable for use with all kinds of LCD/DLP/ Projecotr with height adjustment facility available in different sizes.

Ideal of projector bracket for light weight projector

Made of high-quality aluminum, durable and reliable

Loading Capacity: 25 kgs.

Projector ceiling mount is easy to adjust clutches length and angle

Projector ceiling bracket is compatible for over 99% of projectors

No adaptive plate to case ventilation problems

Positioning lock-up design

Safe and convenient in cable management

Colors: white

Warranty: 12 month

Caution: Keep installation balanced and secured Installation

Another Modles of projector mounts with different longer size are available!

OEM is available!

Detail Parameter:

Model No. : BM631000A
Material : aluminum alloy
Pole Shape  square
Swivel : 30 degree
Extension Size:  63~100cm
Loading Capacity: 25 kg
Color : white
N.Weight : 1.7 kg
G.Weight : 1.8 kg

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