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Product Description:

Motorized LCD Lift with remote control (BLL-19)

17" 19" 21" 22" or other sizes of LCD monitor can be custom-made
Protect LCD monitor/displayer from dust, humidity and thief
The monitor/displayer can be lift up or hide into the desk from LCD monitor lift automatically
Aluminium wiredrawing, stainless wiredrawing or carbon steel panel as you like
Manual control, remote control, and central control are available
Motorized LCD lift is adjustable elevation angle of LCD monitor/display for protecting your eyes from the direct light.
Motorized LCD lift is widely used in office, hotel, school and meeting room furnitures

video conference system, tv conference system
financial analyzing system
advanced office system
lecture, training room
used with conference table& computer desk together
1, The motorized LCD lift adopts synchronous orbit lifting principle.
2, LCD monitor lift runs smoothly and quietly.
3, LCD lift provides with the protecting function of the LCD monitors by cutting the electricity off automatically.
4, LCD motorized Screen lift is controlled by two big AC motors: one controls opening and closing the door; one controls lifting the monitor up & down and adjust the angle of the monitor.
5, The panel switch adopts the durable and nice-looking film switch.
6, The LCD Monitor Lift is convenient to be installed and looks nice & decent.
7, LCD lift is ideal equipment in the advanced modern video meeting system.

Power protection
1,When the monitor lifted up, it can be supplied for power automatically.
2,In the contrast, the power can be cut when the monitor is lifted down.
3,It can reduce the loss of electrical energy.

Working environment
1,In the working room, temperature should be -10°C-40°C and relative humidity is about or below 95%.
2,There should not be corrosive gas, Organic solvent vapor mist, inflammable and explosive things here.
3,It is better to avoid fierce vibration and crash.

Detail Parameter:

Item Model BLL-19
Style LCD lift without monitor
Products consitute LCD monitor lift + Remote control
Panel size 545*158mm
Box size 513*140*650mm
Panel thickness 4mm
Lift mount size 468*81mm
Packing size 61*27*84
Voltage 110V,220V,240V
Power 20~25W
Pitch angle 0~15°
Single trip time 30s
Working temp 5~40
Environmental temp ­20~60
Related humidity 20~80%
Color Silvery/Black matt/ Golden
Remote distance 10m
Material Aluminum alloy draw bench panel
Control Way Touch kep-press/Remote control/ RS485 central control
Running Way Tubu motor with rack driving
Protection way Cable Manager/Protection finger from nipping
Power Protection way  Monitor turn off automatically 


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