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Product Description:

LCD Monitor Lift with RF Remote Control (BLL-17)

Independent or central control, automatically ascend & descend by switch or RF remote controller
LCD monitor is adjustable elevation angle of LCD monitor/display for protecting your eyes from the direct light.
Patented technology of LCD monitor lift can avoid hands clamping during operation.
Patented touch-screen design of motorized LCD monitor lift for more convenient using.
Optional material of surface panel: aluminum alloy finished or stainless steel finished
Panel color of LCD monitor lift: black/silver/gold
Power: AC220 50HZ/ AC220 60HZ
Power capacity: 15W

1. Electric control, lifting comfortable, height-adjustable.
2. Flexibility, stability, good shockproof performance.
3. Suitable for 15,17,19,22 inch LCD monitors of various brands. or 15, 17,19, 21 inch All in One PC of various brands.
4. Automatic opening and closing of decorative panels, adjusted for various angles.
5. Very easy operation for any users to control all LCD monitor lifts UP/DOWN together by one remote control.
6. Wireless Network Control: Support RS232, RS485.

LCD monitor lift is widely used on conference system of office, conference room, meeting room and training room.
Mounting up and down with mircophone is aslo available !

Detail Parameter:

Item Model BLL-17
Style LCD lift without monitor
Products consitute LCD monitor lift+ Remote control
Panel size 492*158mm
Box size 467*140*650mm
Panel thickness 4mm
Lift mount size 418*81mm
Packing size 60*27*78mm
Voltage 110V,220V,240V
Power 20~25W
Pitch angle 0~15°
Single trip time 30s
Working temp 5~40
Environmental temp ­20~60
Related humidity 20~80%
Color Silvery/Black matt/ Golden
Remote distance 10m
Material Aluminum alloy draw bench panel
Control Way Touch key-press/ Remote control/RS485 central control
Running Way Tubu motor with rack driving
Protection way Cable Manager/Protection finger from nipping
Power Protection way  Monitor turn off automatically 

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