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Product Description:

Motorized Projector Lift with RF Remote Control (BBL-100)

Projector Lift not only conceals your projector above the ceiling and sets it exactly where you need it for a presentation, it also brings projector down to within easy reach for service. This projector lift offers three positions: store, show and service.

The projector Lift stabilizes projector both laterally and front—to—back with 3 sets of scissors.

Electric Projector lifts are available that vary in extension length to service position. The series lift ranges from 100~500cm or 4' - 12'. 100 lbs.

Salient Features:

Preferred choice of electric projector lift  for corporate board rooms, universities & other commercial conference rooms

Retract projector when the projector ceiling lift was unused to eliminate visual intrusions.

Adjustable height setting & mounting brackets of projector motorized lift to accommodate projector of all sizes.

Big running distance, super-low noise, stable, reliable.

Wireless RF Remote control and RS232 control is available for convenient using.

Loading capacity of projector lift : within 20 kg


Projector plate and universal head height (80-130mm, different projector plate of motorized projector lift has different height)

Power: AC220 50HZ/AC110/60HZ

Power capacity: 15W

Detail Parameter:

Item Model BBL-100
Material steel+ motor
Sissor Strip fabric strip
Size 37*35*23cm
Thickness 21cm
Mini hight requirement for Ceiling 430mm
Traveling Distance 1.0 meter
Motherboard size 500*500mm
Decoration hole size 470*470mm
Loading capacity 20kg
Max size requirement for projector 350*360*200mm
Net weight 22kg
Power 15W
Voltage 110V,220V,240V


More Choices of running distance for projector lift : 100cm,150cm, 200cm,250cm, 300cm,350cm...

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