Brushed Desktop Socket BB601
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Product Description:

Brushed Desktop Socket BB601

Item Name: Desk Top Outlets/ power and data outlets/ desktop socket/ Brush Desktop power socket/ Tabletop Interconnector socket

Desktop Hidden Socket series offer a solution of compact & beautiful desktop signal connection. The socket could be easily and conveniently connected with the electric equipments. Our socket serials is designed for connection of video,  audio, computer video, network, telephone and power, etc. When the mechanism is opened, kinds of electric wires and data wires could be inserted and connected into the box.
Press the top of the box, the Mechanical Locking Device will be released and the connection panel will be opened smoothly by the Pneumatic Support Structure, and you can use the seams on the panel which you can connect Video, Audio, Network, Telephone, Power and so on. After using, Just press the panel cover, the Mechanical Locking Device will lock the box. The locked connection box is flush with the tabletop and all the connections are hidden dexterously. The neat & elegant topside of the box together with the tabletop form an integrated mass.

Product Advantages:
The box opens and lift up slowly without noise. Safe and convenient to insert and pull out the electric wire.
Usage Environments:
Conference Table or Desk, Home furniture and other places.

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