Short Throw Projector Wall Bracket BW-120S
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Product Description:

Projector Short Throw Wall Bracket (BW-120S)

Projector short throw mount is highly suitable for use with all kinds of LCD/DLP Projectors with height adjustment facility available in different sizes.
projector short throw wall mount Ideal of office,meeting and classroom for short throw  projectors
Made of full high-quality cold rolled steel, durable and reliable
Loading Capacity: 40 kgs.
Projector short throw mount is easy to adjust clutches length and angle
Projector Short throw wall mount is compatible for over 99% of projectors
No adaptive plate to case ventilation problems
Positioning lock-up design
Cables can be simply hidden in the extension pole of projector short throw wall mount
Special for Short  throwing design,elegant appearance
Adjustable arm length and angle of short throw wall mount
Colors: white/black
Warranty: 12 month
Caution: Keep installation balanced and secured Installation
Another Modles of short throw projector mounts with different longer size are available! 600mm,800mm,1200mm,1500mm.

OEM is available !


Model No. : BW-120S BW-150S
Material : cold rolled steel cold rolled steel
Swivel : 30 degree 30 degree
Max Extension Length:  116.5cm 146.5cm
Loading Capacity: 25kg 25kg
Color : white/silvery white/silvery
N.Weight : 3.6 kg 3.9 kg
G.Weight : 4.0 kg 4.3 kg
Packing  6 pcs/ctn 6 pcs/ctn
Packing Size 128*44*25 cm 158*44*25 cm


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