Motorized TV Lift TL-53
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Product Description:

 32~53 Inch Plasma TV Lift with Remote Control (TL-53)

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Plasma TV lift adopt motor with asynchronous resistance-brake. TV lift possesses the character including attractive appearance; smooth moving, quite, locating with precision, comprehensive, functions and installation covenience, simple operation high capacity. Motorized TV lift is rich in controlling seems that can connect the button directly to control the TV lift mechines by central control and single control.
Plasma TV lift is widely used for TV audio & video conference system, large-conferencing system and training room.
TV bed or TV cabinet is also available.

Product Features:
1. Synchronous machine with electro-magnetic brake
2. Lifting up & down in a close way
3. Material of
plasma TV lift: High quality steel, modern design and excellent quality.
4. Traveling with double orbits, moving smoothly and quietly
5. Control Methods Manual control & Wireless Remote Control infrared ray; able to penetrate wood to receive the signal within radius 50m
6. Suitable for plasma TV from 32'' to 53''

Power protection
1,When the monitor lifted up, it can be supplied for power automatically.
2,In the contrast, the power can be cut when the monitor is lifted down.
3,It can reduce the loss of electrical energy.

 Working environment
1,In the working room, temperature should be -10°C-40°C and relative humidity is about or below 95%.
2,There should not be corrosive gas, Organic solvent vapor mist, inflammable and explosive things here.
3,It is better to avoid fierce vibration and crash.

Each Plasma TV Lift System Includes:
1. Lift System.
2. Adjustable Mounting Bracket.
3. Wireless Remote Control (With Mounting Bracket/Holder)
4. Manual Switch.
5. Power Supply with Plug.
6. Bracket Mounting Bolts, Nuts.
7. Instruction Manual.


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