Computer Rotatable Security Box
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Product Description:

Computer  Rotatable Security  Box/ Manual Screen Flip Up Lift/ Manual LCD Flip Up Case


1,Rotatable computer Security Box made of high quality steel, throght high temperature baking finish,won't be depainting and rusted.

2, 100~120 degrees Multiangle rotatable during opening and hidden under desk once closed. Stay the same level with desktop.
3, Standard configuration for universal monitor, keybaord and mouse. Elegant apperance, high texture surface. 

5,Offer lockable door key for security,keep monitor,keyboard and mouse safe.

6,Buffered hydraulic pressure spindle inside, convenient operation. excellent quality and installation easliy. 

7,Together with desk could be single computer desk or double computer desk. Unplugged designed.

8, Manual LCD Flip  Up Case is suitable for 17~19 inch or 21~22 inch universal LCD screen, universal keyboard and mouse.

9,  Desktop Monitor Flip Up Box widely used on all kinds of high schools and colleges, multimedia classroon, meeting room, training room and office.

10, Normally, offered the Manual Screen Flip Up without desk. Or Manual LCD Flip Up Case  with MDF single desk or double desk are available if required.



There are Electric Flip Up Device and Manual Flip Up Device for selection !

Feel Free to visit our Boente Alibaba Website to get more information about Manual Flip Up Device!


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