Conference Table Socket BB603
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Product Description:

Conference Table Socket BB603 (Flip Up Brushed Cover Type)

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Brush Cover Desktop Socket is designed as a table top fixable Socket with brushed flip-open cover. The brushed cover of Desktop Socket which is made of aluminum alloy finishing, could be opened and flip closed. And all sockets could be used easily via the brush cover without open the cover.



Brush Cover Desktop Socket could be flip open cover up and down smoothly and quiet.

The aluminum alloy plate of Brush Cover Desktop Socket is 5mm

Different interfaces into Brush Cover Desktop Socket could be added as required

Various versions of fixable power socket is available

All sockets could be used via brushed cover without cover opened.



1, high quality aluminum alloy finishing panel

2, A=A strong carton with foam cushion and waterproof film

3, silver or black is available for color selection

4, Power plug and voltage could be changed accordingly.

5, OEM with logo on product and packing is available

6, Customized made is available



Style: Flip Up Brushed Cover Conference Table Socket

Material: aluminum alloy brushed

Panel Size: 269*132*78mm

Box Size: 252*116mm

Socket Configuration: 2* Power, 2* Network/Telephone, 1* USB, 1* HDMI, 1*XRL, 1*VGA, 1*RCA (audio &Video), 1*3.5 Audio

Customzied Made Service: could change socket configuration as requirement

OEM Service: Branding logo on product is available 



Brush Cover Desktop Socket is widely use in furniture, like conference table, desk, workstation, and hotel room, healthcare setting, along with raining and educational application.

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