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Product Description:




Our Boente Wall HD Media HUB panel is design with metal drawing technology, with single-HDMI connectivity panel with 2 additional AC power outlets, can provide hotel guests an auto-sensing and auto-switching access point for connecting their portable electronic device to the in-room TV and sound system.

Customers could us HD media HUB panel to enjoy their own movies, music, games and business presentation on the in-room HDTV.

All connectivity socket in and only HDMI cable out.



Brushed metal drawing panel

HDMI, USB and VGA all sockets converter

Single HDMI cable made hotel installation to be much easier, more convenient and more cost-effective.

Socket input all in one can be with 2 additional AC power and selection input outlets

Plays and charges portable electronic devices through USB port, including ipod/iphone/ipad




HD Media HUB panel is widely used on office and hotel furniture, high tier office, luxury conference table, hotel and multimedia classroom and training room. Can be embedded in wall or in furniture.



Hotel equipment-guest room embedded multimediahub HMP806/HMP807/HMP808 front panel can provide the following interfaces, and can connect the following equipment.

·         VGA interface: can connect to the laptop and other equipment which can access to the Internet.

·         3.5mm audio interface: can connect to MP3, MP4, iPod, and laptop and so on.

·         AV interface: can connect to MP4, iPhone, mobile DVD and so on. 

·         HDMI interface: can connect to some digital cameras, mobile phones which have HDMI interfaces.

·         USB interface: can connect to all the equipment which have USB interfaces.

·         Bluetooth interface: can connect to the equipment with Bluetooth output function to enjoy the stereo music. 


Front-Panel Ports:

A, HDMI in

B, Composite AV in

C, 3.5mm audio in

D, VGA (RGB) in

E, USB charging 2A/5A

F, USB playing

G, AC power outlets

H,RJ45 interface

I, Bluetooth


Rear Installation Ports

1, Power in

2, HDMI output

3, RJ45


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