17.3 Motorized Retractable Monitor Lift BLL-17.3
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17.3 Motorized Retractable Monitor Lift BLL-17.3

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LCD monitor lift is a electric lifting mechanism integrated with 17.3inch FHD wide touch screen. It’s a ultra-thin hidden equipment for audio video conference system. 1980*1080 high resolution screen with aluminum alloy brushed shell.

Monitor could arising up to the tabletop if user would to present information by wireless controller. Monitor could coming down into the table downside if finished meeting. LCD/LED monitor could overturn 15 or 25 or 35 degrees automatically by pressed the button, and also could return back straight as required.

Its 8.8cm width make whole equipment smarter than normal LCD motorized lift. Integrated with17.3inch FHD screen provide a complete monitor lifting issue for conference audio video solutions. It could be controlled by wireless remote, or touch switch on panel, or Crestron central controller, wireless automatically system. All Lifts with monitors could be motorized raising up and overturn 45 degree automatically a the sample in group. It realize all audio video solution become paperless office conference system.



1,  Aluminum oxidation with drawing polishing surface process to make panel and monitor shell smooth and bright, ensure elegant and high grade appearance

2,  Screen have electric adjustable function, user could make screen to be 0-45 degree position as required.

3,  Whole complete motorized lifting equipment with 17.3 Inch FHD wide screen.

4,  Made of aluminum alloy panel and monitor shell, adopt imported circuit board, synchronous motor,and gear & rack.

5,  It is smoothly and quietly during monitor lifting. Low noise which less than 30db.

6,  Circuit board make motor working to bring gear lifting monitor up with rack. Supply the most steady and safe during monitor lifting up and down.

7,  Monitor would be power on automatically if reach desktop and power off if arrived the bottom. And power off automatically if reach the bottom.

8,  Could integrated with touch screen, microphone, front camera, all in one computer as required.



Item Name  17.3 Inch LCD Monitor Lift 

Model No.

Materail  Brushed aluminum alloy finishes
Color Brushed aluminum silver 
Panel Size 58.8*8.8mm
Panel Thickness  0.5mm
Box Size 47.1*7.5*60.5mm
Monitor 17.3" FHD LED  touch screen
Screen Thickness 10mm
Resolution  1920*1080
Screen Tilting Angle Electrical adjust 45 degrees
Data Interface   HDMI/ VGA Input, USB input, RS232 I/O
Customized Service  Could integrated with touch screen, microphone, front camera, all in one screen
Control system truch switch, wireless remote , central control RS232




LCD Monitor Lift is widely used on conference system, like video conference system, tv conference system, financial analyzing system, advanced office system, lecture and training room with conference table& computer desk together.

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