Motorized Monitor Lift + Motorized MIC BLM-15.6
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Product Description:


Ultra Thin Design Motorized Monitor Lift + Motorized MIC BLM-15.6


BNT LCD Monitor Motorized Lifting Mechanism is the modern design for the high-classs conference system table furniture. This audio-visual system is using for the large conference room , it normally hidden behind under the conference table and keep the table even and neat and save more space. When having the meeting, user can touch the up botton of the surface panel or remote controller to control the screen lifting up from the conference table. In addition, regard to the microphone lift, it has the automatical straighting up function, When user speaking, they can let the microphone bend and getting good vioce. After using, user not need to let the microphone straight by themselves. Control the mechanism lifting down itself, the microphone would be straighting up automatically.



1, 5mm Super thickness aluminum alloy brushed surface cover panel, with anti-rust anodic oxidation treatment process.
2, Full aluminum alloy metal screen shell, provided smart, elegant and high grade appearance.
3, Supply with FHD 1920*1080 screen, FHD touch screen and All-in-one computer screen three options.
4, Smart circuit board offer monitor protection, monitor could be power on once arrived the desktop, and be power off if reach the bottom automatically.
5, The seamless, tightly integrated design allows a perfect combination of conference table and lifting mechanism.
6, Supply with two high-quality automatical lifting up and automatic angle swivel motors.
7, Using capacitive touch control panel, have"UP", "DOWN", "STOP", "FRONT", "BACK", "SWITCH" button options.
8, The FHD screen using high quality capacitive panel screen, high sensitivity, durable, not easy to scratch.
9, Working smoothly and quietly during operation. Low noise which less than 30db.
10, Lifting with microphone, and supply with automatic straighting lifting function.



Product  Slim Conference LED Monitor Motorized Lifting Mechanism

Model No.

Material  Aluminum Alloy Brushed
Surface Treatment Darwing Finished And Anodic Oxidation Resistance
Color Brushed Aluminum Silver and Brushed Matte Black
Function LCD Monitor Lift with Microphone Lift
Microphone  Automatic straighting function
Application High-class conference room
Rated voltage

110 ~ 240 VAC

Rated current 5 ~ 10 Amp
Panel Size 628*88mm
Panel Thickness  5mm
Box Size 660*75*606mm
Monitor 18.5" FHD LED touch screen  
Monitor Thickness 10mm
Resolution  1920*1080
Monitor Tilting Angle 0 ~ 45 degree
Data Interface  HDMI Input, USB input, RS232 I/O, Wire Control
Customized Service  Could integrated with touch screen, microphone, front camera, all in one screen
Control system truch switch, wireless remote , central control RS232

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