Automatic Flip Up Monitor BF5-18.4A
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Product Description:



18.5 Inch Motor Drive Electrical Rotating Computer LCD Monitor Lift For Video Conference System



Flip up type computer monitor lift integrated with 18.5 inch screen, designed for advanced conference system, like luxury conference room, trading room, meeting room, multimedia network system and high-grad office.

When multimedia meeting, computer lcd lift can be flip up separately, grouply or all display the multimedia information including the meeting content, information hint and picture information,video or audio information.

When turn on the computer monitor lift, the screen will be overturn 90, 105, 120 degree, keyboard and mouse will also rise to the same position on the desktop. When turn off the computer monitor lift mechanism, the screen, keyboard and mouse will be flip back to the case and hidden into the table underside.

The product adopts intelligent circuit board, powerful motor and sensor. It runs smoothly, quietly, and provided with the protection function of the LCD monitors by cutting the power off automatically. The panel switch adopts the durable and excellent material and nice-looking film switch. The product support RS232 communication protocols. It can be distantly controlled by central control. It supports wireless connection too, possessing the function of organizing the monitors into groups freely.



1, Motor drive type, automatic flip monitor up and close by 105 degree.

2, Monitor ultra-thin design, adpot slim monitor to present smart lifting mechanism. Integrated with 18.5 inch FHD screen, keyboard and mouse.

3, Hand protection design, adopt infrared ray sensor to provide safe environment for users. During screen motorized flip up or down, it will stop if stuck by hands, finger, pan or book during operation. And will continue working if barrier get always. So it would protect hands or finger from jammed.

4, Electricity supply and shut down design, the screen, keyboard and mouse will be power off once flip down, lifting back to mechanism. And screen, keyboard and mouse will be supplied with electricity if complete open the mechanism.

5, Made of 6mm thick aluminum alloy drawing panel and brush aluminum alloy monitor shell, provided smart, elegant and high grade appearance.

6, Screen could turn over 90, 100, 120 degree to present a prefect reading during meeting. And stop any position as required by remote control.

7, Supplied with media interface, HDMI, VGA, USB, audio, 3.5 video, RS232 socket

8, Complicated with all paperless office system software to realize office audio video equipment wireless automatically control.



Item Name Computer monitor lift
Model No. BF1-18.4A
Contruction  18.5 inch FHD screen, keyboard and mouse
Material  Aluminum alloy brsushed
Panel dimension  565*458mm
Panel thickness  6mm
Case dimension 545*435*141mm
Panel cut out Size 566*459*6mm
Case cut out Size 546*436*141mm
Screen overturn size 100-105 degree
Color  Brushed aluminum silver/ black matte
Control Way Switch, wireless remote control, RS232 port 
Protection way protection hand or finger from jammed
Media connector  Power, VGA, USB, Audio, Video


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