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Product Description:


 White Color 3* French Plug Desk Mounted Power Sockets For High - Class Office




Desktop hidden pop up socket box is a specialized use in multimedia presentations of the outlet. Desk hidden socket offer a hidden equipment for audio video solution in office furniture. Could save more space and keep table integral and conforming. To supply a fashion and modern environment for office and meeting room. Users only need to use, press the buttons on the Panel, interface panel from the inside of the box pops up, and horizontal stroke 45 degree angle, user patch panel interfaces can be; use only light pressure panels on the surface after used, the panels can be hidden under the table.
Our BD610-2S is a specifically designed office socket for the European market. It contained with 3 ways French standard / German standard outlets and a 2 meter length, 2.5 mm 16A copper core power cable. And European standard power plugs.



Mainly used in high-grade Office, small and large conference rooms, multimedia room, movie screening room, training room and other places.



1, Easy to operation, simply press the oval pop up button on the surface panel, then the hidden socket panel will be pop out and you can connected the plug directly.
2, High hardness, thickness 3mm thickness of sheet metal, not easy to bend, it is not easy to scratch.
3, After used, simply press the cover back to the table below, you can.
4, Installation is simple, just to open the openings of a suitable size on your desktop can be installed in Sockets.
5, Hidden socket into table underside to keep desktop surface more neat, modern and save more space.
6, To supply a fashion and modern environment for office and meeting room.
7, Desktop surface panel uses the high quality zinc alloy material, surface polishing and oxidation resistance of sand treatment, make great-looking fashion.
8, Surface design with rounded corners, white surface panel color, is popular in the market.
9, Connected with a 2.0 meter length, 2.5 mm 16A copper core power cable, and this European standard power plugs.




Type Tabletop outlets
Product Desktop pop up socket box
Application Conference table or office multimedia solutions
Model BD610-2S
Material  Zinc Alloy finished
Panel size 265 * 130 mm
Case size 222 * 109 * 65 mm
Surface thickness 3mm
Corner  Rectangle corner
Button  Rectangle press button
Available Color  Silver/black/White/gold color
Power 3 * French power outlets
Cable Length 2.0 meter
Rated voltage 110 ~ 240 VAC
Rated current 16 A
Cable material Copper core
Core diameter 2.5 mm2 
Power plug European standard power plug
Rated power 5000 W
Frequency 50 ~ 60 Hz

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