250 Inch Front and Black Rear Fast Fold Screen
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Product Description:



1. The fast assembled frame is made of high quality aluminum alloy material, can bear over 50~100kgs weight, not easy to bend.

2. The screen fabric is attached to the rectangular frame and held in place by several press studs, which ensure an evenly stretched and perfectly flat surface.

3. The frame adopts a square tube type design, so that the frame can bear high gravity and is not easy to collapse.

4. Lightweight and can be folded, each part of the aluminum frame and frame without disassembly, easy to carry and transport, and can provide very good stability.

5. The frame fixed to the floor support with 8~16 pieces large diameter hand screws.

6. With high quality fabric, the screen fabric is using the imported front and rear projection fabric.

7. Easy to cleaning the screen fabric, using clean water and soft cloth to clean, not need to use chemical cleaning agents or alcohol.

8. The rear fabric of projection screen is made of the Polyethylene soft screen fabric, the light can be highly transparent, soft and smooth texture, no deformation, has good tensile strength.

9. Both type of fabric are durable and can be folded many times with out damage or disortion.

10. The rapid folding screen provides a portable mobile box with wheels, impact resistance and easy transportation.

11. The screen fabric is packing with two high quality soft back bags.

12. With high tenacity and elastic belt to fixed the screen fabric and frame in inner case.

13. Inner case is made with 10 mm thickness impact foam board to protect the screen during carry.



Type Projection projection screen
Function Fast fold screen
Items BETFFS4-250
Application Large church
Size 250 inch
Ratio 4:3
Projection size (Inch) 200 * 150
Projection size (mm) 5080 * 3810
Frame material Aluminum alloy
Frame pole size (mm) 32 * 64
Front screen material Pearl white soft screen fabric
Rear screen material Polyethylene soft screen fabric
Screen Belt size (mm) 100
Screen projection way Front and rear projection
Screen gain 1.0

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