Desktop Flip Up Power Data Connector EK6221
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Product Description:


Item Name: BNT Round Corner Desktop Flip Up Power Data Connector With Electrical Power Plugs EK6221


Desk hidden socket offer a hidden equipment for audio video solution in office furniture. Could save more space and keep table integral and conforming. To supply a fashion and modern environment for office and meeting room.Space is the most important feature, which Sockets hidden in the table above, retaining surface Panel, power supply and all the multimedia interface are hidden in the box. Users only need to use, press the buttons on the Panel, interface panel from the inside of the box pops up, and horizontal stroke 45 degree angle, user patch panel interfaces can be; use only light pressure panels on the surface after used, the panels can be hidden under the table. 


1, Easy to install, just open the suitable size for your desktop openings, you can put the socket into the hole and fixed it via the screws on the tables.
2, The operation is simple, just press the pop-up button on the surface panel board, then the connected socket plate will be pop out and you can use directly.
3, The socket normally hidden at the bottom of the table, so that desktop more clean, modern and save space.
4, Provide a stylish and modern environment for offices and conference rooms.




Product name 

BNT Round Corner Desktop Flip Up Power Data Connector With Electrical Power Plugs EK6221

Model number



Brushed Aluminum Alloy 

Box Size



Touch press switch

Panel corner



Silver/ Flash Silver /Black


2*Universal Power


Replaceable module design


2* Network (RJ45) + 1*VGA +1*HDMI+1*AUDIO

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