50 / 60 HZ Frequency With Various Configurations Aluminum Alloy Material Tabletop Pop Up Outlet Connector
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Product Description:

Boente  50 / 60 HZ Frequency With Various Configurations Aluminum Alloy Material Tabletop Pop Up Outlet Connector  EK9522


EK series power data tabletop socket is an innovative equipment to provide electrical and AV access. It is used together with the furniture. It integrates the electronics technology and automation into the modern furniture and humanize with the automation and safety. Gently press the green button, the ports connection panel will be flip up automatically into appearance. After use, press the red button, the ports connection panel down and locked. It’s widely used for the high-tier office table, conference room table AV solution, hotel room and training room.



1. Aluminum alloy wired drawing top panel, elegant fashion, simple appearance not easy to grind flower
2. With quiet synchronous motor, panel socket can be rotating automatically via switch control.
3. Design of electronic type anti-operation after use do not pull cord motor
4. High quality 3mm panel thickness aluminum panel surface, not easy to bend
5. Anode oxidation process, anti-scratch, anti-dusty and anti-rust, upscale elegance
6. Round corner design, protect user be scratched by the surface corner
7. Easy installation, just cut out a square hole and install the socket on the table directly.
8. Safety design, anti-electric shock when the connection panel hidden under table after used.



Items EK9522
Style Desktop pop up socket box
Catalogy Electric rotating interconnection box
Application High-tier office, conference room
Grouding Standard grounding
Material Aluminum alloy surface panel + plastic hanger
Rotating angle 180 degree
Color Silver / Silver Flash / Black
Panel process Aluminum alloy wired drawing + anode oxidation process
Panel thickness 3 mm
Panel size 458mm * 110mm
Configuration 2* Universal power +1*USB+1*RJ45 Network  +1*VGA+1*CRA+HDMI
Rated voltage 110V ~ 240V AC
Rated current 10 ~ 13 Amp
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Operation Temperature -20°C / + 50°C
Package 8 units/carton
Warranty 12 month


How to install and operation:

1. Cut out a properly square hole on the table;

2. Put the socket into the square hole, the connction cable hidden under the table;

3. The indicator light is illuminated when product power up;
4. Press the green touch button if use, the product will rotate 180 degree to the desktop.

5. Press the red touch button if unused, the product will rotate 180 degrees to the hidden position.


Seiling Piont:

1. Manual rotation type is available without motors

2. Cable length are available with different length to 1.0m ~ 5m
3. Cable connection plugs can be changed with different standard
4. Changeable combinations, modules can be customized as you need accordingly
5. Sample order and customized made is available


Modular selection:

VGA / HDMI / USB data / USB charger / Network RJ45 / Telephone RJ11 / 3.5 Audio

Dual 3.5 Audio / Power switch / 6.35 speaker / Video / Dual Audio / Microphone Canon

Universal plug / Eurpe standard plug (EU) / British standard plug (UK) / American standard plug (US)


Australia standard plug (AU) / South Africa standard plug (SA) / France plug / German plug

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