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  • electric rotatable socket  EK9829
  • electric rotatable socket  EK9829
  • electric rotatable socket  EK9829
  • electric rotatable socket  EK9829
Name:electric rotatable socket EK9829
Model No::EK9829
Type:Electric Flip Rotating Socket
Material:Aluminum alloy
Configuration:4* Universal power plug +2*USB charger
Panel Size:297*110mm
Panel Thinkness:3MM
Cable length:1.5 m (Length is available from 0.3m ~ 4.0m)
Rated voltage:110V ~ 240V AC
Rated current:10 ~ 13 Amp

Product Description

180 Degree Overturn Degree electric rotatable socket With 1.5m Cable Length EK9829

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EK series Electric Desktop socket is an innovative solution to provide electric, data and other AV interfaces on desktop office furniture. EK series Electric Desktop Socket is powered by an electric drive motor that rotate the sockets to the hidden position when unused. A photoelectric eye inside electric desktop socket will prevent rotation if there was an obstruction on the top of electric desktop socket during working.


1, Electric Desktop socket offer outlets for accessibility to electric, internet, telephone, VGA, HDMI,3.5 Audio, USB, MIC and could be customized for other data and AV interfaces.

2, Electric Desktop socket rotate all sockets to the hidden position by press the touch button, to provide a clean and elegant surface of worktop. Also Electric Desktop socket prevent accidental spillage of fluids into the product.

3, A photoelectric self-lock device inside the Electric Desktops Socket prevent sockets from rotating if one of socket units is plugged. Also prevent cable damage and hand jammed during operation.

4, Electric Desktop Socket contain an electric drive motor, ensure reliable rotation and the ability to orient itself to the proper position.

Selling Points:

1, high quality aluminum alloy finishing with motors

2, white/black/gold color is available for color selection

3, Power plug and voltage could be changed accordingly.

4, OEM with logo on product and packing is available

5, Customized made is available


Model No.EK9829
TypeElectric Flip Rotating Socket
MaterialAluminum alloy 
Configuration4*Universal power plug +2* USB charger
Overturn angle180 degree
Panel size297*110mm
Panel thickness3 mm
Cable length1.5 m (Length is available from 0.3m ~ 4.0m)
Rated voltage110V ~ 240V AC
Rated current10 ~ 13 Amp
Warranty12 month

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