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  • Video chairman unit microphone (embedded)   BNT411C
Name:Video chairman unit microphone (embedded) BNT411C
Product name::Video chairman unit microphone (embedded)
Frequency response::100Hz-13kHz
Sensitivity::-44dB ± 2dB
The working voltage::-44dB ± 2dB

Product Description

Video chairman unit microphone (embedded)  BNT411C


● Embedded installation (opening size: 106mm × 40mm, panel size: 130mm × 45mm × 102mm)

● "T-shaped hand in hand" connection technology, support "hot swap" of the line, the microphone pole can be removed

● Shrapnel buttons, strong button feel, long service life

● The microphone unit has an independent ID number for easy installation and avoiding duplicate ID numbers

● You can reset the microphone unit ID number through the front panel of the conference host or the application software.

● The chairman unit has priority control buttons, which can start the system tone to remind all attendees to pay attention, and can set the microphone function to be permanently terminated during all speaking and waiting for speaking (there is no restriction between the chairman units)

● Strong resistance to mobile phones and electromagnetic interference

● In-line structure interface is convenient for installation and debugging

● S type supports video tracking function.

Data sheet:

Product name:Discussion chairman unit microphone (embedded)
Frequency response:100Hz-13kHz
Sensitivity:-44dB ± 2dB
The working voltage:DC18V, provided by the main controller
Single-directional microphone, the microphone core has the function of preventing gas explosion, the length of the microphone rod is optional (conventional: 42cm)
High sensitivity, clear and bright sound when speaking distance 5-30cm, no feedback


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