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  • Voting delegate unit microphone (embedded)   BNT418D
Name:Voting delegate unit microphone (embedded) BNT418D
Product name::Voting delegate unit microphone (embedded)
Frequency response::100Hz-13kHz
Sensitivity::-44dB ± 2dB
The working voltage::-44dB ± 2dB

Product Description

Voting delegate unit microphone (embedded)   BNT418D


● Embedded installation (opening size: 207mm × 75mm, panel size: 234mm × 84mm × 102mm)

● "T-shaped hand in hand" connection technology, support "hot swap" of the line, the microphone pole can be removed

● With LCD display

● Shrapnel buttons, strong button feel, long service life

● The microphone unit has an independent ID number for easy installation and avoiding duplicate ID numbers

● You can reset the microphone unit ID number through the front panel of the conference host or the application software.

● Strong resistance to mobile phones and electromagnetic interference

● In-line structure interface is convenient for installation and debugging

● The microphone has a voting / election function, which supports voting / election / scoring of the meeting (real-time display of voting status)

Data sheet:

Product name:Voting delegate unit microphone (embedded)  
Frequency response:100Hz-13kHz
Sensitivity:-44dB ± 2dB
The working voltage:DC18V, provided by the main controller
Single-directional microphone, the microphone core has the function of preventing gas explosion, the length of the microphone rod is optional (conventional: 42cm)
High sensitivity, clear and bright sound when speaking distance 5-30cm, no feedback


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