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2018-9-27 Sent 800 Sets Pop Up  Desktop Socket  To India

2018-9-27 Sent 800 Sets Pop Up Desktop Socket To India

We have sent 800 Sets zinc alloy pop up desktop socket, manual flip lip socket box to India today.

1.Model: MK6320, 200 sets, aluminum alloy material.It is configured with two Power,two CAT 6,one Switch ,one HDMI ,one VGA  and one Audio, Manual Type( India Plug) and 1.5meter power cable, HDMI cable, VGA cable, network cable and USB cable.

2.Model: BD630-1S, 500 sets, zinc alloy, oval corner. It is configured with 2 Universal Power socket ,two CAT 6,one HDMI ,one VGA, one USB,one 3.5 audio and 1.5m Power cord

3. Model MK6320, 100 sets, aluminum alloy material, Included two Universal Power socket ,two CAT 6,one Switch,one USB Manual Type ( India Plug) and 1.5m related cables.

Ship by sea transportation to India through Guangzhou seaport.

Our products are of good quality and cheap price.Product quality is certified by SGS.Keep a large inventory.Sample available.Overseas customers like it.

Boente can provide many different types of configurations that we can customize (MOQ/ Business Logo) according to customer needs.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

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