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2018-10-16 sent 300 units manually flipped brushed panels to Southeast Asia

2018-10-16 sent 300 units manually flipped brushed panels to Southeast Asia

Today, we have sent 300 (zinc/aluminum alloy) manually flipped brush panels to Southeast Asia .


1. Using advanced connection interface, the panel is smooth

2. Panel is flip-up design, a variety of signal can be easily used

3. High quality 5mm panel, aluminum panel surface, not easy to bend

4. Aluminum alloy wired drawing top panel, elegant fashion, simple appearance not easy to grind flower

5. The module using embedded design, surfaces smooth, different configuration modules can be customized according to requirements

6. Surface is high-grade scratch resistant, bottom panel on the configuration corresponding to the modules, no soldering required

7 Optional pull-up cable design, modular design and customized design, all configuration can be select lay

8. With black brushed cover, can make the inside connection panel cleanly and anti - electric shock

9 All cables can be get through the cover when the panel flip down and prevent the electric shock

Selling point:

1.Cable management type or modular type can be select share

2. The bottom connection ports can be supply with welding or female

3. Panel connection outlets can be changeable with different country standard power

4. Changeable combinations, modules can be customized as request fruitful

5. Interconnection box length can be available with difference equations modules

6. Sample order and customized made is available

7. OEM/ODM and logo request is available

8 With CE/ROSH/UL/SASO approved

Ship by sea transportation to  Southeast Asia through Guangzhou seaport.

Our products are of good quality and cheap price.Product quality is certified by SGS.Keep a large inventory.Sample available.Overseas customers like it.

Boente can provide many different types of configurations that we can customize (MOQ/ Business Logo) according to customer needs.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

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