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2019-2-28 sent 400 sets projector lift to Southeast Asia

2019-2-28 sent 400 sets projector lift to Southeast Asia

Today is very busy .we sent 200 sets projector lift to Southeast Asia ,other 200 sets projector lift to middle  east. Our products are very popular in the area.Projector Lift  not only conceals your projector above the ceiling and sets it exactly where you need it for a presentation; it also brings it down to within easy reach for service. This projector ceiling lift offers three positions: store, show and service.The projector Lift stabilizes projector both laterally and front—to—back with 2 sets of scissors.Motorized Projector lifts are available that vary in extension length to service position. The series lift ranges from 100cm, 150cm, 200cm, 250cm and 300cm.

Projector lift iswidely used in multi-functional conference rooms, multi-purpose hall, and international conference center, training center, academic Hall, classrooms and electricity in the field of intelligent home.

Product Feature:

1, preferred choice of motorized projector lift for corporate board rooms, universities & other commercial conference rooms

2, retract projector when electric projector lift was used to eliminate visual intrusions

3, adjustable height setting & mounting brackets of projector ceiling lift to accommodate projector of all sizes

4, Equipment with heavy duty steel ceiling closure panel with scratch resistance coating

5, adjustable running distance, super-low noise, stable, reliable

6,Wireless RF Remote control and RS232 control is available for convenient using.

7,loading capacity of projector motorized lift: within 8 kg/ within 20kg

Boente can offer a variety of different types of configurations, which we can customize (MOQ/ Business Logo) according to customer requirements.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

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