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  • 2019 new product floor  pop-up socket
Name:2019 new product floor pop-up socket
Item number:FS-01
Product Name:Pop up floor socket
material:copper alloy
panel size:120*120mm
base size:100*100*60mm
color:gold / silver
Configuration:1*EU Power 1*2 pin universal Power

Product Description


Floor pop up socket, referred to as: floor  plug. Full name: Floor  socket for household and similar purposes. A socket that is installed on the ground or the like for connection to a fixed wiring, and is usually used as a terminal and an outlet of a ground wiring system to take out power, signals, and data in the ground wiring system. It is mainly used in office spaces, airports, hotels, shopping malls, homes, etc., and is widely used.


Selling Points:

1. Selected materials, fine workmanship, high strength, durable, beautiful and generous

2. Personalized standardized module design, flexibility, scalability, suitable for different places

3. Inline sealing ring, waterproof and dustproof

4. The pop-up cover opens the design, which is convenient and quick to use, and saves space


Item number:FS-01
Product name:Pop Up Floor Socket                                       

Copper alloy 

Panel size:120*120mm
Base Size:100*100*60mm
Color :Gold / Silver
Configuration:1*EU Power +1*2 pin universal Power  

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